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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Questions about our product

2. General questions about honey

3. Questions about shipping and payment

1. Questions about our product


1.1 Where does the honey you offer come from?

Our honey comes from the Mecsek Mountains, located in the southwest of Hungary. On our blog you can find more information and via our social media channels you will find many photos of the area for a clear picture.


1.2 Why do you only sell honey from this region?

There are three reasons for this. We want to offer our customers clarity about the origin. The Mecsek Mountains is sparsely populated, there is no large-scale industry and no highway. So there is little environmental pollution. And, every region has a unique flavour accent in the honey, just like wine. These flavour accents are lost with large-scale importers.


1.3 How do you know from which flora the honey comes from?

We know this because honey bees are focused on the plants that yield the most pollen and / or honey. For example, as soon as the acacia trees bloom, they focus on these trees. As a beekeeper we know by date what kind of honey we can expect. Besides this you can see, taste and smell the difference.  Also, it can be measured by the conductivity of the honey.

1.4 Why do you sell the honey in spout pouches?

We use circa 70% less plastic than regular packaging. The packages are less likely to damage during transport and are easy to use. Here you can read more about the choice to use spout pouches.


1.5 Does the honey in the spout pouches crystallize?

Not with regular use. When dosing, you squeeze the spout pouch with which you break up the crystallization and the honey remains dosable. The effect is the same if you stir the honey in a jar weekly, so it remains easy to dose.


1.6 The honey in the spout pouch has hardened, what now?

If you have not used the honey for quite a while, the honey can crystallize completely. This is easy to fix. First you put the spout pouch in warm water of 30 - 35 degrees. Then wait for the honey to liquefy and gently knead the spout pouch. You can dose and consume the honey again.

2. General questions about honey


2.1 Why does honey crystallize?

This is because the honey contains glucose. The glucose/fructose ratio determines how quickly honey crystallizes. The more glucose, the faster the honey crystallizes. All good quality honey eventually crystallizes, with the exception of acacia honey. The crystallization is negligible with acacia honey. The honey remains liquid. You can still consume the honey, the quality remains good. Honey that does not crystallize, other than acacia honey, is not pure.


2.2 Why are children younger than one year old not allowed to use honey?

This has to do with a bacteria called clostridium botulinum, which may be present in honey. Prefer to be on the safe side, especially with small children.

3. Questions about shipping and payment


3.1 To which destinations do you deliver and what is the price?

Click on Shipping in the footer for an up-to-date overview of our shipping costs and destinations in Europe.


3.2 How can I pay?

Payment is possible via PayPal, bank transfer and via debit and credit cards.


3.3 Where is my product?

Usually, it will take 3 to 7 working days before you receive the product. Within this period the product may travel all over Europe, this is of course very fast. If the shipment has not arrived within 7 working days, please contact us via the contact form or We will contact the courier for you.


3.4 The package is damaged during transport, what now?

In the header, click on Information - Return Policy. This explains exactly which steps you have to go through and what we will do to help you. Of course we will solve this together with you.


3.5 Do you also sell to companies?

We like to work together with small and medium-sized companies. You can contact us via our contact form or via We are open to specific solutions for the catering industry, local shops and health food stores. If you are looking for a unique business gift, we can also help you.

I have a different question than the ones above, what now?

Fill in our contact form or send an email to and ask your question(s). We will answer your question(s).

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