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Our honey packaging solution

The honey you buy is mostly in a glass jar. Our packaging is a bit different. So why did we choose for a spout pouch? You’ll read it below.

First of all, the spout pouches contain about 70% less plastic than regular plastic packaging, are recyclable and have a higher flexibility. This is not the only aspect that makes spout pouches environmentally friendly. Transportation of spout pouches is more efficient as well. A truck can ship 700,000 spout pouches compared to 100,000 bottles. Do the math.

Not only that, but there is less breakage while transporting the spout pouches compared to glass jars or plastic bottles. Which is handy, due to the fact that the honey we sell is shipped throughout Europe. They are compactly packed and the need for filling material is less necessary, which also saves material. The filling material we use can be reused which positively contributes to the environment. You don’t have to throw useless material away.

The disadvantage of most plastic products is that there is a possibility of chemical containment of food inside the package. Our spout pouches are approved for food storage and don’t contain chemicals like Bisphenol. Of course you shouldn't eat the package. However, for transport and packaging of honey they are perfectly safe and extremely efficient.

Finally, separating the plastic correctly after consuming the honey makes the environmental impact significantly lower than glass jars and other plastic packaging materials.

An efficient and sustainable way of packaging

These self standing spout pouches are easy to use. The nozzle and cap on top ensures easy to pour and leakage proof storage. Dosing becomes effortless without things getting sticky. If you almost finished the honey, you can easily roll up the package, fold it or even cut it open. In this way, you can consume the last bit of honey. Everyone has his or her own way of getting the last bit out. Remember that it takes a life of one honey bee to produce a little bit of honey.

A great additional advantage is that you can knead the honey carefully before each use. This way you can easily break up the crystal formation without heating the honey, at the expense of the quality. Of course, it can happen that honey is completely crystallized and kneading simply doesn’t work. If this occurs, you can heat the spout pouch in warm water (never warmer than 35 degrees) and the crystals dissolve immediately.

I hope that we’ve convinced you. If you are not convinced, just give it a try. You will soon see and experience yourself that this is not only a sustainable package, but efficient as well.

Team Vicus Apis.


Vicus Apis 

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