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About us


My name is Kelly and together with my 2-year-old son we live in the beautiful Baranya County in Hungary. We enjoy living here with our two dogs and lots of bees. After graduating and obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration I soon came to realize that I enjoy being in the nature more and beekeeping than to work in the office all day to make profit for my boss who I never see. I moved to Hungary in 2018 and started Vicus Apis while I was pregnant in 2020. Vicus Apis was founded because of the honey bee and its abundant benefits. The honey, propolis, bee pollen and beeswax are transformed into handmade and 100% natural end products. All our products are produced with care, love and quality. With Vicus Apis I want to make an important statement: that everyone can enjoy the magic of the hard-working honey bee without sacrificing this intelligent creature. I do this by sharing information and keeping the business operations (and the honey bees) small-scale, without achieving profit as the main goal. I hope you will enjoy the products, the information and pictures shared!


Owner and beekeeper


Beekeeper in the making

About us

About the little shop

Experience the taste and smell of the honey bee products in the shop. The shop is located along Mary's Route that goes from East to West and from the North to South in Central Europe. You can read more about Mary's route hereunder.


Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with honey in the shop and be(e) amazed by the products offered in the typical Hungarian cellar. Not only bee products are offered, but local (handmade) products from others too.


A few hives are located here as well, but most of the hives are spread over different locations. If you would like to meet the honey bees, please let me know upfront!

About the shop
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About Mary's Route


Mary’s Route (Mária Út in Hungarian) is a pilgrimage route in Central Europe, between the Austrian Marizell and the Romanian Csíksomlyó started in 2006. This 1350 km long way is recognizable by its tourist mark, a purple letter M. The bee products have the same letter M implemented on its labels, so you have a unique souvenir of this route as you pass by. This pilgrim’s way is to the honor of Mary, but also to celebrate and connect the different religious traditions, history and culture of the nations. Mary’s route draws a large cross upon the map of Central Europe (Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, and Bosnia) and creates a traditional pilgrimage network similar to El Camino.


Bakonya is part of Mary’s Route under the M03/18 Cserdi - Pécs. Not only is Bakonya part of Mary’s route, but also has one of the Gardens of Mary. This is a resting place where you can enjoy a picnic, where you can spiritual recharge, deepen and pray. 


For more information, visit the page of the European Network Association of Mary’s Route here

About Mary's Route

Vicus Apis 

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