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Return Policy 

I want to return my product, is that possible?

You have 14 days to return the product, after informing us within 14 days of your purchase of non-perishable items. We do not accept returns of perishable products.


Can I get a refund if I decide to return my product?

According to the European law, we must give you a refund within 14 days of receiving your cancellation. Refunding can be postponed if we have not received the product or proof of return. The refund includes the shipping costs you paid when you made the purchase, only if the complete order is cancelled . If you specifically asked for a non-standard delivery, such as express delivery, we will not pay these shipping costs. You do have to pay the delivery costs yourself when returning the product. Before you want to return the product, we advise you to contact us so that we can find an alternative or a solution together with you. The above does not take perishable products into account, they cannot be returned. 


The product I ordered is damaged, what now?

If you notice that your package has been manipulated and damaged during transportation, take a photo of the package immediately without opening it. In addition, it is important to report this to the courier company and to file a complaint with them. If you discover that the product is damaged or broken, take photos of the product itself. If the spout pouch with our delicious honey is damaged, take a clear photo of the security seal. Then send us an email about this matter as soon as possible. You have the right to ask us to replace the product or you can request a price reduction (on your original purchase) or a refund, depending on the condition of the product. Together we will find a good solution.


I have not yet received my delivery, is it missing?

If you do not pick up your order immediately or have ordered it for home delivery, it must be delivered to you within 30 days - unless we have specifically agreed a different delivery time. The estimated delivery time of our courier is a guideline.

I changed my mind and decided not to keep the goods, now what?

You have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days for any reason and without justification. This period expires 14 days after the day on which you received your products. However, the reflection period of 14 days does not apply to perishable goods.

How can I cancel my purchase?

If you want to cancel your purchase, you must notify us. It is not enough to simply return the goods. Fill in the model withdrawal form that you can use to inform us of your decision. You can also inform us and at the same time return your goods. For example by adding a written statement with the goods that you return by post or by sending an email. You can also fill in the contact form on our website. You must return the goods within 14 days of informing us. When returning the product you have to pay the shipping costs yourself.


We follow the directives of the European Union on all these issues.

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