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A picture is worth a 1.000 words

All photos on our social media channels are shot by ourselves. In this blog post you can read why we do this and what we hope to achieve.

So why do we take photos and share this with you? Well, that’s very simple. A picture is worth a thousand words. The photos aren’t perfect. Most are even shot with a smartphone while walking with our beagle, but that is not the point. We want to give you an impression of our region, so you know where our honey bees collect the honey that you buy.

Why do we want to give you this impression? We believe that the food industry lacks clarity and transparency about the origin of food. You can see this in the honey industry as well. The origin on packages mentions EU honey or EU honey mixed with non-EU honey. That is of course a hazy explanation of the origin of the product. We believe customers have the right to know more.

In this way we hope to reach and stimulate 2 types of customers. On the one hand the customer who is already aware and buys our honey products because of his or her awareness in choice. And on the other hand the unconscious customer who, with our information, product quality and photos of the region, also start thinking about the other things he or she consumes. We believe that openness will bring awareness back and with this awareness more small businesses like us with a small environmental footprint will have a fair chance. Hopefully, future children will also know more what they are actually eating.

During our daily hike in the Mecsek Mountains

Alright, back to the photos. We take all photos in and around the Mecsek Mountains, after all, this is the origin of your honey. We can guarantee that all the pictures you find on our social media channels or on our website are coming from this beautiful region we call home. Follow our social media channels and discover more about our Vicus Apis, the Mecsek Mountains and the amazing products we sell.

Team Vicus Apis.


Vicus Apis 

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