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Vicus Apis wood polish with real turpentine, linseed oil and of course beeswax. Our wood polish is soft and easy to use. The wood polish is absorbed by the wood and protects the wood against drying out and insects. After treatment, the wood has a beautiful colour and a deep shine. It is advisable to repeat the treatment every year to keep the wooden objects in optimal condition.


Only use this wax on a wooden surface. You can think of a wooden floor, dishes or furniture. Thoroughly clean this surface and make it dust-free. In case of water damage or damage, first sand with fine sandpaper and sand with the grain. Not applicable to wood that has been treated with paint or varnish, it will have to be removed first.

Wood Polish 90 g

SKU: 00101
  • Made entirely from natural ingredients.


  • This wax is made with traditional ingredients. And ideally suited for antiques.


Vicus Apis 

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