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The face cream with a hint of rosemary is ideal for normal and dry skin due to its high olein content. The avocado oil makes the face cream a very rich, highly moisturizing and soothing cream. The shea butter provides protection and nourishes the skin and the beeswax ensures that your skin does not dry out. By combining these three ingredients, the elasticity of the skin restores, so your skin stays young and radiant. The face cream is rich in minerals and vitamins A, E, D and F.


Ingredients (inci): Persea gratissima oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Cera Flava, Rosemary Essential Oil.

Face Cream

SKU: 0051
  • The face cream is packed in a compact aluminum tin. Reusable and durable.

Vicus Apis 

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