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In this blog post we are going to discuss propolis. We will start with a short explanation about propolis, its history and its properties.

Propolis is a composition of tree resin, beeswax, pollen and honey bee secretions. The honey bees use propolis to fill cracks and crevices in the beehive and to keep it draft-free. In addition, they use propolis to keep the beehive bacteria and virus free. Propolis is one of the reasons that honey bees can live in a beehive the size of a moving box with 70,000 honey bees and not die from various infectious diseases.

The antibacterial and antiviral effect of propolis has been known since the Greeks. Propolis translates as protector of the city. By city is probably meant beehive. The substances that cause the effect of propolis are still under discussion. Most likely, the great diversity of substances combined causes the positive effects and overall healing properties. This wide variety of substances is probably also the reason that 1 in 2,000 people are allergic to propolis. So always be careful when using it for the first time.

Propolis is also known as the antibiotics of ancient times. Today, of course, it is irresponsible to use only propolis for severe inflammation as we have much better antibiotics. On the other hand, propolis is ideal for sores, irritations or the prevention of inflammation of your skin and digestion system. The use of propolis for the mentioned ailments is itself desirable compared to antibiotics. If we use less antibiotics, the feared antibiotic resistance occurs less quickly. Antibiotic resistance can easily be called the greatest crisis in the healthcare system nowadays. Therefore, let's only use antibiotics when really necessary and use as much natural solutions as possible, such as propolis.

We consider it irresponsible to make claims and promises about the use of propolis as a company. We sell products, not promises. This is the reason why we do not advise how to use propolis in the webshop. We simply describe the characteristics of the substance. In this blog post we mention some of the positive experiences of people around us and ourselves with our products. We offer propolis tincture 10% for external use and propolis tincture 30% for internal use extracted in water. The percentages of the tinctures indicate how much propolis is present in the tincture. Feel free to try the tinctures or propolis in raw form, be skeptical and do your own research. You should decide for yourself how to use nature's products and when to choose for natural products instead of modern healthcare.

Propolis in raw form

A few examples of our lives en direct surroundings:

For inflammation, sores in the mouth or throat, propolis can help provide relief and inhibit inflammation. Use the propolis tincture extracted in water as a gargle, in herbal teas or combined with honey, which also has an antibacterial effect. Also, bad breath somewhat diminishes.

For cold sores, acne, eczema or psoriasis, applying propolis tincture for external use could work effectively. These annoying ailments can often not completely be cured by modern medicine. Propolis or propolis in combination with modern medicines can be the solution or provide relief.

With burns, abrasions and bruises, some propolis drops of both the propolis tinctures have a healing effect. The propolis tincture stings in abrasions at first when using propolis tincture with alcohol which also disinfects. But as soon as this has disappeared, the propolis relieves the pain. Of course, always go to the doctor if you have serious wounds.

Insect bites or stings can be very annoying and painful. We also experience honey bee stings with great regularity, how could that be? Here too, the propolis tinctures relieves the itchiness and our bites and stings have never been inflamed. One of us is allergic to honey bee stings and experiences the propolis tinctures as a true relief on the itchy and swollen body parts.

(Raw) propolis is a healthy food supplement thanks to the wide variety of ingredients. It can contribute to your overall health. It is a very pleasant alternative for people who prefer not to use pharmaceutical products.

Let us repeat once again that these are our own experiences and experiences from our immediate environments. Be skeptical, careful and ask about experiences from your own environment. Propolis (tinctures) may be a solution for you. Do you or somebody else you know, have good experiences with propolis? Do not hesitate to share this with us as we are enthusiastic about your input and are always eager to learn!

Team Vicus Apis.


Vicus Apis 

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