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Pure honey and bee products

Kindness from the honey bee

(Un)scented Beeswax Melts

Beeswax Melts

Beeswax melts are used a lot in aromatherapy, because of the many health benefits. It was therefore a must that we started with these lovely beeswax melts as well. The unscented beeswax melts have a nice aroma, just like the beeswax melts with essential oils.

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Premium Products

The same bee products, but produced with organic certified ingredients. More transparency, even more quality and extra satisfying for skin and hair. Ask for more information about the origin of these amazing ingredrients.

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Beeswax Candles

Pure beeswax candles. Without additives and harmful substances. A long burning time and a beautiful warm yellow colour. Thanks to the ideal diameter and wick, the candles burn completely.

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Handmade Soap

Traditional handmade soap. Made with honey and beeswax. Enriched with pure oils. Deep cleansing and nourishing for skin and hair. Available as shaving soap, neutral and wonderfully scented soap. Free from chemicals.

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Traditional Wood Polish

Traditional wood polish with old-fashioned turpentine, pure linseed oil and yellow beeswax. Restore, protect and take care for wooden (antique) furniture and objects.

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Care Products

Handmade care products with pure beeswax and various nourishing and caring oils. Completely natural and free from preservatives, dyes and other chemicals.

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Pollen & Propolis

Pollen and propolis are high-quality food supplements. Pollen is full of protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Propolis has traditionally been used as a natural medicine, which we process into tinctures.

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Honey close-up

Pure Honey

Our honey is not pasteurized, machine-filtered, blended for a consistent product or otherwise processed. A fair product straight from the hive. 

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Gift Bags & Baskets

Vicus Apis makes custom biodegradable gift bags and baskets with bee products for you and your loved ones. But also as a company for your guests, clients or employees. Contact us for ideas and/or requests. 

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On our blog we write about various topics that are relevant to our company. This way you can get to know us and our products better and you get a better idea where our high-quality products come from.

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The sparsely populated Hungary

origin of all our bee products

Locations where you can find our bee products

Vicus Apis 

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